You Insure Inc.

Finishing well financially.

Our approach is not like anything you have experienced; we go where very few travel to safe, honest, genuine, non-judgemental conversations, not like your average advisor. Instead, we get to the heart of where YOU have been and where you’re looking to go.

At You Insure, our entrepreneurial spirit is an innovator, a game-changer, an adventurer paired with a mission to change the world, to leave a mark from a place of radical generosity. We share our stories and spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Our “Why” runs deep. Having been widowed early in life with three small children, our world shattered due to a lack of planning and preparation for our future. Our goal is to equip as many Canadians as possible to finish well financially and live out a life of significance.

We seek to serve you through inspiration and encouragement. WE empower YOU to create your financial masterpiece through the lens of what is most important to you, your finish lines. Our approach gets to the heart of where you have been and where you’re looking to go. We use the six financial planning principles through the lens of the live, give, owe, grow model, which is a foundational money skill to master. We will uncover the hidden saboteurs that hinder your financial future, allowing us to serve and equip YOU to articulate where your financial finish lines truly lie.

Our mission: to work alongside you to build out a custom, unique, one-of-a-kind financial roadmap that aligns with your values to ensure that you finish well according to where you have set your finish line.

A legacy by design so you can live a life worth writing about. So, pass the baton, my friends.

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