Worthy creates uniquely crafted jams and preserves in Calgary, AB.

Worthy’s jam flavours include Earl Grey Lavender Peach, Strawberry Cardamom, and Vanilla Rhubarb. These unique flavours are what make Worthy stand out compared to our competitors. Worthy jams are made without artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours. They are vegan, gluten-free, and made with natural citrus pectin and organic cane sugar. Our customers enjoy that the jams are not your average jar. There is a meaningful, truthful, authentic story behind the company.

The Worthy story started in late 2014 when Ashlee stumbled into an addiction recovery room. Having spent most of her adult life in active addiction, it was high time. But shifting to a sober life did not happen overnight – it was tough work.
In 2016, she started to get her zest for life back with the help of 12 Step groups. Ashle found a passion for preserving and decided to make jam for a living. My hope is that one jar at a time, I can reduce the stigma around addiction and remind everyone: we are all worthy.

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