Westmount Store Fixtures

We are your one stop shop for retail and facility fixtures! Big or Small, we have it all!

Celebrating our 62nd Anniversary, Westmount has grown into one of Canada’s oldest and largest Store Fixture Solution companies. As your locally family owned and operated business in Edmonton, we stock a wide range of products for your business needs. Whether you are looking at opening a new store, doing a remodel or making some merchandising updates we have the knowledge, store fixtures and selection to meet your needs. Big or Small, we have it all!

Our solutions:
• Shelving
• Merchandising and Display
• Signage Hardware
• Carts
• Seatings, Work Stations and Cabinets
• Matting and Floor Systems
• Refuse, Recycle and Building Maintenance
• Reusable Containers, Pallets and Specialty Plastics
• Queuing, Public Guidance, and Post Systems

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