Urban Image Spa

Urban Image Spa provides clinical/medical aesthetics.

Urban Image Spa is located at 414-50th Street Unit 2 in Edson Alberta. We provide clinical/medical aesthetic services.
We book groups in to celebrate or just relax with us.
We hold many certificates and house Lise Pavich, a CND education ambassador. Lise holds many certificates including teaching, advanced, masters, champion, awards and has been published in Salon Magazine.
We offer a learning environment, providing supports to our local high schools, integrating work experience students into the beauty industry.
Where there is passion, and you have the experience and knowledge of all the rules, you allow creatively to run wild, push boundaries and break all the rules!
We do not operate under “regular” business hours. We accept requests and book around what works for the service provider and the clients. This is extremely important for the balance of home and spa life.
We have been merging into many platforms of social media…..not perfect…..we have fun as laughter is good for the soul.
Check us out on tiktok @urbanimagespa. Instagram @urbanimagesla.edson. Facebook @urbanimagespa. Website www.urbanimagespa.com.
To book online https://www.vagaro.com/urbanimagespa/services
We staff anywhere between 10-15 various service providers.

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