TUSCEx Shared Services Corporation

Supply Chain and Procurement professional services, and industrial leather gloves eCommerce


We take the stress out of your supply chain & outsourcing services.
Our goal is to build the clusters of Buyers and the right suppliers who have the answer you are looking for.

TUSCEx Client Journey Maps
Connect clients with TUSCEx by narrating the customer experience. It can give an overview of the entire process, show how customers act, or identify key areas of interaction.
Think about your company goal, find common commodities and services spend analytics.

Supply Chain Consulting and Strategy
We work with clients to deliver innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that enable organic profitability although disruptive growth.

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Services
Transformation your supply chain operations with solutions to help reduce operational costs.

Outsourcing Shared Services
Focus on continued cost reduction and exceptional customer experience by adopting outsourcing shared service and circular economy approach.

Business Process Reengineering
Use our global consulting experience to modernize and reinvent your processes from the ground up.

Risk and Fraud Management Consulting Services
Fight crime with analytics tools and guidance that can reduce losses and help improve compliance.

Cost savings
Learn how you can create new revenue streams and find unexpected saving opportunities.

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