Maker of baby wear and blankets, Canvas wall decor and Jewellery

TroveShed is a small business that makes hand-made products.

Currently, TroveShed produces:
1. Hand knit and crochet Baby blankets
2. Hand knit baby clothing
3. Canvas wall art which gives life to a nursery and any room in your home
4. Handmade jewellery
5. Hand knit hats for grown ups

I use baby yarn for baby clothing and blankets. The canvas I use for wall art is treated cotton on a pine frame. I use suede cord and jewellery elastic for bracelets and necklaces and, occasionally use a chain for some necklaces. I am motivated by a vision to create products that bring joy and long-term use to others.
Available items are shipped within 1 – 2 days of purchase.

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