Tokyo Express Restaurants

A local family owned brand and restaurants have been serving Edmontonians for over 23 years.

Serving Edmonotonians traditional, fresh, and nutrious Japanese cuisine has been our mission since we opened the doors to our first location in 1998. Our time honoured recipes and trations have now been passed down to the third generation who have recently taken on the management of the Tokyo Express brand. As a localy founded and owned restaurant brand and stores, our dedicated new management team focuses on maintaining good standard, fresh locally purcahsed ingredients and healthy & cost efficient food selections. At the same time, we are also focus on bringing our serve and guest experience into a higher level.

All our ingredients and material are purchased and delivered to each store locations every other day in order to keep the freshness, and some of our menu items’ prices have been stayed the same for over 10 years. We really apprecaite the local supports from our peer Edmontonians.

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