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Thank you for your undivided attention, allow us to give you our undivided intentions. Spiritual Baddies are a multicultural diversified team of empowered and resilient women that have come together to not only shed light on spirituality and heal in many ways but to give the world a different view on crystals, spiritual enlightenment, intuitive mindsets, and intention along with manifestation and mantras. We have collectively come together infusing all of our own solo careers creating a sisterhood and adding our own touches to each and every aspect of the brand. This collective comes with years of experience in mediumship, tarot, shamanism, reiki, soul coaching, crystal healing, singing and songwriting, manifestation and mantra magic and so much more! With a humorful side to spirituality and embracing one’s sexuality by truly understanding the meaning behind self-love, finding your reason, your purpose, and your WHY. The Baddie collective wants to give their customers and clients a very transparent, comfortable place to shop, do a reading, wear, love, heal and embrace! Bringing rawness and an organic nature to truly understanding chakra blockages and balancing your life so you can become the best version of you. Whether you like crystal healing, connecting with your loved ones, manifesting or protecting yourself and others etc. We have it all here! From jewelry to bath soaks, ritual kits to mantra kits, mediumship readings to tarot readings, custom designs for your home or your closet, we offer the best of all worlds, and many galaxies above us! We have broken generational curses through our spirituality and the resilience we have built and confidence we have developed after many years of healing and understanding what this world has to offer, only to come to the realization, we are in complete control of our universe, our creativity, our beliefs, and our lives. Coming from different religions and incorporating all beliefs into one collective we have learned to see eye to eye and take the best from all aspects, with love and light standing on top of fears and taking the leap of faith we present to you, spiritual baddies! All of our products are authentic, every crystal, spell, and mantra is placed under the full moon, infused with reiki healing, intentions set to actually do the job these crystals are placed in this world to do, giving you the full true experience of what our Mother Earth has to offer. Every quote, every piece of clothing is divinely timed and created with love and full emotions, top quality giving you all the best possible experience you can have! So it is.
With Love & Light, Enjoy your shop!

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