The Golden Thread Studio

The Golden Thread Studio is an online wellness studio specializing in breathwork journeys and self-care practices so you can reduce stress, create connection, and experience aliveness.

“Breathe More You”

With a mission to create connection such that people are present to the beauty of the human experience and the magic of everyday moments, The Golden Thread is here to support you in your wellness practice.

In today’s busy world, we know stress symptoms are affecting your health.

Stress shows up uniquely for each person, and each experience. Affecting your physical, emotional, mental states, and impacting your behaviors.

Although a little stress in life is normal and part of growth and development, today’s stress is beyond what we’re equipped to deal with. The constant hustle leaves you burned out, disconnected from your sense of self and the world around you, reaching for the latest and greatest coping strategy to numb out the noise.

Go inward and experience being alive with your very own breath!

How it works:
1) Pick Your Journey – Single or group journeys you can schedule to suit your individualized needs
2) Lay Down and Breathe – You pick cozy and convenient locations to discover the power of your very own breath
3) Experience Clarity, Connection & Peace – Get aligned with what it means to be YOU again

Nobody should experience life in survival mode – live your life created fully!

Book your breathwork journey today!

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