The Chain Reaction

Science-backed mindfulness & emotional intelligence training for organizations.

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The Chain Reaction is led by Tahira Jamani. Tahira has a background in Human Resources and Business operations and is able to bring a unique people-first strategic approach to all sessions. After hitting burnout at a young age, Tahira searched for tools and resources to help her manage her stress. Learning to meditate and practice mindfulness helped her build true resilience and mental strength. She went on to become a certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Program – the mindful based emotional intelligence program developed at Google. She is currently the only certified teacher in Alberat. She now takes pride in sharing these tools and techniques with others.

As global mindfulness facilitators, we run various trainings for progressive organizations that are looking to provide meaningful tools to their employees and leaders. We move beyond buzzwords of ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by providing science-based findings and many micro-practices and tools that can be implemented immediately.

Benefits include:
– Improved communication among teams and across the organization
– Increased confidence of your leaders
– Better time management
– Less stress and overwhelmed workforce
– Better team collaboration and cohesion
– Improved overall wellbeing of your employees

Services include Interactive workshops, Mental Strength Training sessions, Live Meditations, Keynote speaking, One-on-One support.

We have worked with large organizations like GoDaddy, Amazon and Facebook, and mid-size-small organizations like Indigo, UofC, Bow Valley College, Generis Group, and MasteryPrep.

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