The BinKnocker

An accurate, inexpensive, universal bin level indicator.

The BinKnocker is a very simple device used for measuring the level of product in grain, fertilizer, and frac sand bins. By simply having a loop of rope, suspended by our specially designed bracket from the top of the bin, and secured at the bottom; creating easy and safe access from THE GROUND to check bin levels. Attached to the rope is a rubber knocker, by simply sliding the rope up and down and giving the rope a flick, you are then able to detect the level of your bin by where the knocker is located on the bin (listening for a hollow sound-being empty, and a thud sound of the product being there). Our brackets are made from stainless steel and there are NO PULLEYS, therefore avoiding rust and disfunction of the device. The rope used is long-lasting, braided, and easy on your hands. Our brackets and rope are made locally here in Alberta.
The BinKnocker is inexpensive and easily installed on most bins in less than an hour. The mounting brackets available are universal for most bins; if we don’t have the proper bracket for your bins we will make them.
This product has been used at a local fertilizer distributing company, trouble-free, for the past 15 years. With many improvements being made along the way. Bringing us to where we are today. Wanting to provide a safe and reliable way for consumers to monitor their bin levels.

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