The Academy of European Swordsmanship

Teaching historical European martial arts (HEMA) from the German and English traditions.

Want to learn to use a sword? We teach real martial arts using traditional weapons from the European tradition!

The Academy of European Swordsmanship is Canada’s oldest Western Martial Arts/HEMA school, teaching and promoting the further study and education in all aspects of our rich European martial traditions.

If you are interested in correct and valid historical combat techniques and modern self defense methods the AES is the place to learn! Teaching and helping students further their skills and knowledge about Europe’s vast martial history and techniques.

We focus on:
– German longsword
– German & English Shortsword
– unarmed combat with a real world perspective
– Knife
– sword & shield
– sword & buckler

Our school motto is “Teach, Lead, Inspire”.
We do this through:
– Developing a training curriculum that is leading edge and fostering growth in our group and others through innovation.
– We lead through having workshops teaching a multitude of Western Martial Art techniques from a variety of styles and practitioners.
– Demonstrating life-saving skills that can be applied in day-to-day scenarios.
– We held the first open WMA/HEMA tournament in Canada, inviting participants from all styles of martial arts. Other schools in Canada now follow our model.

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