Tastia sources the freshest hazelnuts, straight from the farm in Turkey to create delicious hazelnut spreads for the Alberta market and beyond.

Bringing our Turkish roots to Alberta.

We grew up eating delicious hazelnuts in Turkey and making all manner of dishes with them.
When we moved to Canada, we quickly realized that the quality and flavor of the nuts and spreads here were nothing like home. What a shame, we thought! So we decided to found Tastia and bring a tiny slice of our heritage and childhood memories across the pond.

Did you know that Ordu, Turkey and the neighboring region produce 70% of the world’s hazelnuts?

Typically, hazelnuts are stored for some time and then shipped around the world to be processed. We, however, have chosen to process our products in Turkey, right after the harvest to ensure maximum freshness and the best possible flavor. Doesn’t get fresher than that!

We’d love to share our heritage with you. Visit www.tastia.ca to learn more!

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