Tasia Marie Beauty

One-stop local salon n’ spa providing a wide variety of inclusive & diverse customized services.

Step into luxury; Our one-stop salon n’ spa will have you in complete bliss! Providing a vast variety of inclusive & diverse customized services, performed by highly trained yet down to earth technicians. Lavishing you from head to toe with our hair, body, makeup & nail services you’ll leave feeling like royalty.

Specializing in curly & ethic hair we strive to be inclusive. Offering a wide variety of salon n’ spa services for all hair and skin types with only the best products and ingredients, such as Footlogix & Xtreme Lashes products. Here at Tasia Marie Beauty we believes knowledge is power & with the beauty industry always changing, staying on top of new technique & trends is a must for our technicians. Providing our clientele with that knowledge, sharing our passion through tips and trick so that you can simply replicate & maintain your look at home while building up your confidence.

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