Tapmaster Incorporated

Tapmaster manufactures hands-free faucet retrofit systems that convert existing faucets to hands-free operation.

Tapmaster Incorporated is a Calgary based manufacturer of a unique line of hands-free faucet control systems. The Tapmaster® product line is designed to convert conventional faucets to hands-free operation. Tapmaster® products do not require any electricity, batteries or other external power sources to operate as they function directly off the water pressure in the existing plumbing.

Since Tapmaster® activators require no ongoing power source and work with all standard plumbing and faucets, they are well suited to most settings including but not limited to:

– Homes
– Hospitals
– Restaurants
– Dental offices / medical clinics

Tapmaster® products are trusted by tens of thousands of dentists, homeowners and major hospitals like Mt. Sinai health campus in Toronto and the Lancaster general hospital in Pennsylvania. Overwhelmingly customers report high levels of product satisfaction and exceptional reliability.

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet control systems are easy to install with standard hand tools and are designed to blend into any design aesthetic. They add hands-free functionality to any faucet, but also retain all the functionality of a standard faucet if the customer wishes.

Tapmaster Incorporated manufactures all products in-house in Calgary and sources materials locally whenever possible. Quality is at the core of the Tapmaster® product line, every product is hand assembled and tested prior to shipping.

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