Sugar Swing Ballroom

Sugar Swing gets people together for fun parties, engaging classes, and captivating shows with music, dancing, and sweet moves!

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Sugar Swing (2005) offers lessons in swing dance (Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston), tap, jazz, and house dance. We also run weekly events on Fridays and Saturdays with a drop-in lesson followed by a dance. The primary goal of Sugar Swing is to encourage a social atmosphere and to promote a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment. Sugar Swing is open to anyone: no partners required, no dance experience necessary, and no age boundaries!

Sugar Swing believes that dance should be fun. We value live music, a supportive community, fun deejays, proficient social event organizers, and skilled instructors to further our students. We believe that most people could enjoy dance, regardless of age or experience. Socializing and community is integral to who we are, and we believe dancing should perfectly combine incredible music, art, and a fun atmosphere!

We bring people together by offering classes and events. We involve the public by frequently performing and teaching outside of our ballroom’s walls. Our services provide a platform for both artistic expression and social gathering. Click here to get to know our wonderful staff and instructors.

The Sugar Swing Community of Jazz is our home! It’s a beautiful space located in the Whyte Avenue area, and boasts a sprung dance floor.

We offer weekly dance lessons in a variety of dances, and we host a popular dance events every Friday, and Saturday night. Our specialty is swing dance, especially Jive, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Charleston. We offer Vernacular Jazz, Tap, House, African, and Caribbean under the Sugar Swing umbrella too.

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