Soulful Greetings

Eco-friendly greeting cards featuring stunning artwork and a commitment to charitable giving, all printed on 100% forest-free cardstock.

Greeting cards are an age-old expression of love, friendship, and connection. Despite the hundreds of options that line the shelves of a typical department store, most of what’s out there can feel generic and impersonal.

We at Soulful Greetings are on a mission to reach your loved ones and reignite their spirit with simple, thoughtfully-crafted messages, soul-stirring exclusive artwork by Farida Ali, and a purpose behind every purchase.

Made of 100% sugarcane residue fibre, our greeting cards will not only convey your message with the element of nature, but also exist without further burden on the planet we call home.

Furthermore, $1.00 CAD from each card sold will go towards tree planting in Canada and beyond through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

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