Sniff's Pet Products

All Natural Tick, Mosquito, Paw, Hot Spot and Body Dog Sprays

I am the founder of Sniff’s Pet Products. The word “Sniff” represents a dogs most powerful trait, to use their sense of smell to explore and see what’s going on around them. Born and raised in Manitoba, being Metis and having previous business experience.
I would always go for hikes with my dogs only for them to be stressed and bothered from ticks and mosquito bites. The itching and suffering my dogs went through was what motivated me to create a products that were effective and would relieve them of their irritation. Having experienced in essential oils and floral hydrosol (floral water) plus working a long side of holistic veterinarian, who helped create the formulas all natural and safe for pets.
So I created this company, Sniff’s.

Our Products are 100% natural plant base, no harsh chemicals, toxins or synthetic ingredients. Only pure floral water, distilled water, and natural safe essential oils. It also helps condition the dogs coat, moisturizes the skin, stops any irritations and odors.
Our spray absorbs quickly with a fine mist. It has a lovely scent, long lasting formula, compact, easy to carry, recyclable & environmentally friendly.
As a proud dog owner, we take pride in the connection we have with man’s best friend, their health and well-being are our top priority.

We offer a pet shuttle service as well

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