SimAltum; Virtual Prototyping Services

Engineering Design, Modeling, Simulation, Experimenting, 3D printing, prototyping

We are working together to solve engineering problems.
SimAltum is a Canadian incorporation that offers virtual prototyping services.

Started with offering fluid research services from 2015, SimAltum officially formed in 2019, to deliver full-scale engineering services in virtual prototyping area including numerical simulation (FEA/CFD), process engineering, product development, industrial design, failure analysis, thermal and fluid engineering and flow measurements. We also provide staff outsourcing and training services for major companies. We help people develop new products and resolve their technical and engineering problems most efficiently using computer modeling. We have built an enviable reputation in the aerospace, consumer goods, heavy industry, high-tech, manufacturing, medical, recreational vehicle, and transportation sectors. SimAltum Inc. is a team of over 10 experienced engineers and scientists in the fields of Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum and Civil Engineers. SimAltum’s experts can successfully carry out projects of any size and complexity—all with the same commitment to effectiveness, efficiency and bottom-line results. SimAltum is engineering excellence. We also offer design of experiments and testing including flow measurement, solid mechanics tests, fluid properties and water analysis and flow loop testing for velocity measurement, pressure drop, heat and mass transfer, etc. Our training department offers workshops for engineering software including open source and commercial software.

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