Sensory Creations

Custom Sensory Bins

I recently started my business Sensory Creations in hopes to help individuals with Autism and Alzheimer’s by making custom sensory bins.

Sensory bins for individuals with Autism provide the opportunity for them to explore and learn through hands-on tactile play that engages their senses. These sensory bins help encourage and support various types of development. They are also wonderful activities to have in your home.

Sensory bins for individuals with Alzheimer’s can help with interaction, communication, and reminiscing. Through sensory stimulation, it can improve memory and cognitive performance. Sensory bins can be used in all stages of Alzheimer’s. The sensory bins can help stimulate a variety of senses at the same time through sight, sound, touch, and smell.

Please contact me at for your custom order today! Delivery charges may apply!

Nicole Weiss

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