Roam Cycle - Mobile Bicycle Repair

We are Calgary’s bicycle-powered mobile bicycle repair business and we come to your home or business to fix your bike!

Need a bike Fix?

Who doesn’t love getting out on their bike on Calgary’s thousand kilometres of pathways?

But, it’s not so much fun or even possible on a bicycle that is in disrepair or woefully out of tune. Flat tires, squeaky brakes, rusty chain. It all takes away from the joy of the ride.

That’s where Roam Cycle comes in. We offer the convenience of coming to your home or office to fix your bicycle or fleet of bicycles. We bring the workshop to you! Tools and spare parts for many of the common problems that afflict a wide range of bicycles allows us to assess your bike and get it rolling smoothly again right on the spot.

Imagine, no packing the bike up for a trip to the bike shop and waiting days or weeks for it to be fixed.

Oh and if you’re feeling a little environmental or planet huggy, it’s worth noting that Roam Cycle is bicycle-powered which means we show up at your door by bicycle!

Hmmmm, get your bike fixed AND save the planet. Win, win.

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