Recurve Solutions is your co-packing partner for the assembly of: Kits, Specialty Pack Formats, Retail Displays & more; Order Picking + eCommerce Fulfillment too.

Need support getting from idea to market? Recurve Solutions will make that happen. With excellence.

Our boutique service approach to customer care means we focus on kits, specialty pack formats, order picking, and associated storage for such projects. Maybe you are launching a new, or maybe your product fits into a very niche market. Maybe you are just starting out and all of this is new to you. Any and all of those scenarios is where Recurve can help.

With experience and expertise, we can help bring take your product to where you need it to be. As experts in Retail Displays, Promotional Packs, Kitting, and eCommerce Fulfillment, we can work with you as your co-packing partner. We know the ropes, so hang on and let’s enjoy the ride.

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