Canada’s LGBTQ+ Friendly Community

RainbowConnect.ca is a small business with a social purpose – to identify and promote LGBTQ+ friendly businesses and organizations across Canada. Our directory-based business charges a nominal rate for LGBTQ+ friendly businesses to create profiles on the platform and options to promote events, job and volunteer opportunities, products, and services. LGBTQ+ friendly non-profit and charitable organizations can create profiles on the platform for free.

RainbowConnect.ca is designed to support both B2C and B2B connections. For LGBTQ+ Canadians, RainbowConnect.ca opens the door to find community organizations and businesses that are safe, friendly, and welcoming – regardless of where we live, work, study, play, or visit. For LGBTQ+ friendly businesses, RainbowConnect.ca provides an opportunity to acknowledge corporate Pride year round, promote themselves as safe, friendly, and welcoming businesses, and even connect with other businesses for support and collaboration.

RainbowConnect.ca is 100% LGBTQ+ owned.

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