ProACTv Business Solutions Inc.

Small-medium business advisory practice – helping business owners prepare their businesses for tomorrow – today!

ProACTv Business Solutions Inc (ProACTv) is a specialized advisory practice passionate about helping small business reach their potential by providing advice that is timely, cost effective, and specifically suited to meet your small business needs.

ProACTv’s current mission is to assist small and medium sized privately owned business owners prepare for their exit from their businesses. As many business owners move towards retirement over the next five to ten years, they will be faced with some difficult decisions on when and how to exit. With the upcoming baby boomer business owner exit bulge currently facing us, there is a potential for significant adverse impacts on local economies and communities. Helping business owner exit successfully from their business will result in continued employment for their staff (family) and will assure business and community sustainability into the future. The consequences for failing at ensuing successful transitions for our local business owners are too high.

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