Proactive Seniors

Professional advisory support for seniors and their adult children. Helping to navigate care, support and housing options for seniors in Calgary and Edmonton.

For seniors who want to stay in their own homes, we create a comprehensive plan that addresses all of their challenges and risks to ensure they have the right support and services to help them achieve their goal. For seniors who may need to move to a more suitable housing environment we ensure seniors know exactly which options are their best fit so that they are happy and thrive in the their new location. Our advisors create a custom plan for each seniors so that they and their family know they are getting the best support, access to the right programs and services and utilizing all the benefits they are eligible for.

We help seniors live happy, healthy lives by being prepared and getting the right support at the right time. Our goal is to help ensure seniors avoid institutionalized care for as long as possible. If long term care is required, we aim to help families make their best choices. We have advisors in Calgary and Edmonton.

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