Potenzia Business Solutions

We are business strategists for small businesses, specializing in designing and implementing employee centric systems for qualitative gains in productivity and profitability.

Vision + People + Process = Business Strategy

Our passion is supporting entrepreneurs build the life and business they dream of. With a combined 25 years in the corporate world and 20 years in an entrepreneurial owned small business, we bring an extensive background and a unique perspective in understanding the demands on business owners first-hand. Potenzia Business Solutions seeks to help entrepreneurs reclaim their vision and create impactful business strategies to help grow their business . Starting your business is NOT only to make money. You want to make an impact. You have the courage to commit and persevere through all of the challenges and bumps along the way. You have a big vision and even bigger plans for your life and business. Potenzia seeks to help entrepreneurs write their own story, committed to empowering them to be difference makers in pursuit of entrepreneurial growth and limitless success.

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