Peer Guidance

A Purpose Before Profit team that guide Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses as they go from inception to exit

We guide Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses through their challenges as they go from inception to exit. Have guided 3 companies to exit.

Financial Analysis
– Ensure the money you’ve invested is appropriately managed and spent focusing on growth.

– Establish and execute Value Proposition
– Execute a business development plan that accelerates growth
– Online lead generation strategy
– Valuable networks used to open doors
– Plan for company employee expansion

– Develop a plan within your budget that focuses on the growth of your company
– Bottom line focused analytics
– Design and Backend Tech Development support
– Content Creation

– Investors focused on Alberta based companies
– Looking to invest in early-stage companies that want to scale to invest back in our economy
– Proven investment success

“Honest Conversations”… only an entrepreneur who has started, struggled, thrived, and sold a business knows the depth and breadth of what that word means. A group of carefully curated entrepreneurs has assembled for a noble purpose before profit — to pay those honest conversations forward. We’re here to listen, connect, offer honest advice, and guide you via our vast network, to the resources and funds you need to build a successful business.

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