Pampas Gal Inc.

Long-lasting dried plants and florals for interior decor.

Pampas Gal is a female-led brand that provides a diverse selection of dried botanicals such as pampas grass, eucalyptus, and palm leaves for decoration purposes.

Galee Khau, the Founder, first discovered pampas grass during her travels in sunny California and thought to herself, my friends and families need to have this in their homes. I am a true believer in embracing your self-love and self-indulgent side. We work in such a hustle society and sometimes forget to nurture curiosity and fascinating things in life. Pampas grass is not a necessity, but it does make our world a lot more aesthetically beautiful to look at.

Coming from an immigrant family growing up with little means to get by, I’ve had to teach myself to make the absolute most with the environment that I’m in. In doing so, I’ve learned to create my environment around me and not let my circumstances define who I will become. So create with me. Inspire others. Let’s grow together.

Products I offer are pampas grass, dried botanicals, dried palm leaves, and pre-made arrangements. Services I offer are custom arrangements, event decorating, stage styling, and wedding florals.

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