Our Family Lines

I write, edit and publish your stories.

From memoirs, to company histories, to ghostwriting – I take your words and put them on the page.

I interview people, collect their memories and then shape their words into stories. I’ve told stories about a family who escaped from under the Iron Curtain in the 80s. I’ve also told the story of a visionary surgeon who fled Iraq after his life was endangered by Saddam Hussein’s regime. Not all of the stories I’ve collected are as heart-stopping but they are just as compelling. Remembering the quiet moments such as a grandmother’s warm hug are just as important.

We all have stories that no one else can tell. Whether it is how you built a prosperous pizza restaurant or how you came here from another country – we are millions of puzzle pieces fitting together to form one community called Canada. Our life experiences and lessons deserve to be told.

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