Osadia Concept Store

Ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion and home products that empower artisans, designers and small business around the world.

Osadia is an online concept store committed to empower and support artisans and vulnerable communities around the world.

We have carefully selected a mix of emerging designers, small businesses and artisans from Canada and abroad to create a unique online shopping experience with products that have been ethically made and that generate meaningful income to artisans and their communities.

In Osadia, we believe in doing things differently to have a global and positive impact. We promote diversity, empowerment, fair trade and social responsibility.

OSADIA is a Spanish word that means “audacity.” We believe this word reflects the unique journey and stories behind our products, those stories are all about hard work, courage and resilience. It also reflects the things we believe and care about, like social justice, defending the rights of the most vulnerable and changing the world through small brave acts.

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