Oh Ya! Breads Corporation

Production and sales of premium gluten-free bread products.

Oh, Ya! Breads have created what we have been missing. What every Gluten-Free consumer, be it Celiac, Gluten Intolerant, or just an educated consumer that desires…no, deserves better bread. Oh, Ya! Breads have developed what people deserve, a bread line that truly looks, feels, and tastes like the bread we knew and loved and deserve as consumers.

In 100% of our focus groups, we have not had a single individual pick our competition over our product line. In fact, in many cases, our focus groups have “stated” that they don’t believe what they are tying is Gluten-Free. We are not afraid of our competition, not in the least – our competition, however, should be afraid of us.

Our product line is manufactured with 100% gluten-free ingredients, is low in sugar, free of dairy and eggs, and with the exception of our “Multi-Seed loaf”, is nut-free as well.

The fact is there are plenty of options in the market. We believe the market has become lazy and as consumers, we have had to accept that inadequacy, until now! The “Gluten-Free” revolution has begun and Oh, Ya! Breads are leading a coup. Our product lines are freezer friendly and are effectively made and sold for the same cost as the competition.

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