Ogden Pharmacy

Ogden Pharmacy: Your real, community pharmacy!

We are a pharmacy dedicated to personalized healthcare and innovative community initiatives. We serve the communities of Ogden (including Lynnwood and Millican Estates), Riverbend, Acadia, Fairview, Willow Park, Dover, Forest Lawn, Quarry Park, Douglasdale, and Douglas Glen and all other Calgary communities.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Free Prescriptions Delivery, Free Blister Packs (or Compliance Packaging), Pets Medications, Free COVID-19 Test Kits, Minor Ailments and Diseases, Health Insurance Problems Resolution, Compounding and Custom Medications, Educational Articles, Vaccines and Injections, Diabetes Management, Comprehensive Care Plans, Faster Online and Offline Contacts, Weight and Blood Pressure Measurements, Over-the-counter Medications and Supplements, New Community Initiatives (ProdYOU, Sponsor an OTC), Medications Disposal, Prescriptions Transfer and Refill Online Systems, Free Health Tools, Migraine Education, Smoking Cessation Program, Asthma Education, Opioids Addiction Treatment, and other services.

The most prominent new services are our innovative community initiatives that include ProdYOU and Sponsor an OTC.

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