Nose Hill Farm

Nose Hill Farm, is a small ‘direct to community’ farm that offers FREE HOME DELIVERY anywhere in Calgary North-West and surrounding areas.

Nose Hill Farm is an urban farm that grows healthy Microgreens, by using seeds and soils from certified organic supplier and without the use of any chemicals. Nose Hill Farm offers home delivery.

Microgreens are very dense nutrients super-food, and they need to be eaten fresh to get their benefits, so I want to produce locally to allow my community to have very fresh greens in their tables and stay healthy.

Most people they don’t get enough vegies (minimum 7 cups per a meal) in their diet. Even they do, they will need to have a big a space in their fridge de keep them, and they need to peel, cut, and cook, which take time. Also, most vegies in the stores are grown with a use of a lot of pesticide and chemical fertilizers, and they are brought from different countries. In addition, those vegetables stay many days on the shelves at the grocery stores. The result is, people get their vegies old and not fresh in their plate non-fresh, which means their vegies are already lost most of their good nutrients. Also, imported vegies contribute the environmental problems and increase food dependency.
With Nose Hill Farm growing locally, people don’t need to eat a big quantity; they need just a little to get enough nutrients in their bodies. They will get super fresh food that is harvest and delivered in 24 hours. In addition, they will contribute to preserve the environment and support local businesses. Finally, growing locally will reduce our food dependency to others courtiers.

We are selling our micro greens to people who care about eating healthy, for vegans and vegetarians, for people who have a chronic diseases and need super-food to health, and for those who care about the environment and about building sustainable communities.

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