Nagel Law & Best Lawyer For The Job Client-Lawyer Matching Service

Whether your legal needs are of a personal, corporate or business nature, we help you find the Best Lawyer For The Job across all areas of law.

Need A Lawyer? Not sure where to start? Don’t know how to find the Best Lawyer for your situation? Have you reached a point where you need to talk to a lawyer? WE CAN HELP. There are many areas of law. The lawyer you used to buy your house or draft your Will is probably not the best lawyer to go to court with you, setup your new business or advise you on your insurance claim.

Chat With Us – We are lawyers with many years of experience across all areas of law. We schedule up to a 30 minute phone call to answer your burning questions and sort out what you need so that we can match you with the Best Lawyer For The Job. We consider:
– Do you really need a lawyer
– Specific type of issues within an Area of Law
– Complexity of your legal matter
– Your budget
– Urgency or deadlines
– Communication requirements (in-person or by phone, Skype, etc.)

Get Matched – Depending on complexity, budget and timing, get matched with the Best Lawyer For The Job. We profile and select our Best Lawyers based on their ability and desire to help someone just like you with your legal issue. As lawyers ourselves, we understand the legal industry and how to find your Best Lawyer For The Job.

Our Best Lawyers are highly qualified with various levels of experience, but without the high overhead costs of top-floor, downtown offices. We also aren’t tied to a specific group of lawyers within a single law firm so we can source the absolute best-fit lawyer for you.

Once you’re matched to your Best Lawyer, they will have everything they need to get started resolving your legal matter.

The best part is that it’s FREE. Yep, that’s right! The Best Lawyer For The Job Matching Service will cost you nothing. Our Best Lawyers can’t and won’t charge you anything above their usual legal fees / rates.

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