MoJo Design Inc.

Interior design for residential and commercial spaces

MoJo Design Inc. is a full service interior design and renovation firm created by 2 amazingly talented local designers and business women, Maureen Wright (Mo) and Johanne Lewis (Jo).
Maureen brings to the company over 30 years’ experience in the design field; ranging from flooring, window treatments, kitchen renovations and full design services.
Johanne brings over 25 years of business experience together with 10 years running a Home Staging business and full design services.
In early 2010 Maureen & Johanne decided to merge their wealth of experience and started MoJo Design Inc.
Their vision and purpose is to build lasting relationships with their clients. Trust and integrity lie at the core of their beliefs and it is important to them that their clients are satisfied and enjoy the environment that they have created for them.
With an extreme passion for design, these ladies believe that giving back to the community is of the highest importance. “Communities are only as good as what you put into them.” These ladies have put in their time, whether it is to support at risk youth in our community via CPC – Uncles and Aunts and the Vignettes Design series; decorating fabulous homes on the Homes for the Holidays tour to support local women’s shelters; or working with the Children’s Wish Foundation to bring extremely sick children’s dreams to life. These women are the epitome of what it takes to build strong communities.

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