Micks Food Specialties Inc.

Micks Food Specialties’ mission is to provide the Filipino community in Alberta a truly satisfying, home-grown desserts and steam cakes enriched with “nostalgic taste” that thousands of our Filipino-Canadians have been longing for at affordable price. Our products are boasting with true Filipino flavor. • Our best-selling desserts and steam cakes are a product of Mrs. Leizl Musni’s years of patiently finding the right ingredients here in Canada, experimenting the best amount of mix, cooking method and time to come up with the best tasting desserts that meet the Filipinos’ taste bud.

Listed below are all our products:
Bibingkang Kanin / Biko
Creamy Sapin – Sapin
Puto Cheese
Cassava Cake
Cheesy Maja Blanca
Cheesy Pichi-Pichi
Pastillas De Leche
Suman sa Lihiya
Leche Flan

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