Vall Impact Company

Helping impact-driven organizations gain the confidence, clarity and capacity to execute bold strategies that create real/ long-term social and environmental change.

You want your organization to make a meaningful contribution to the world, but you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities, uncertain about which direction to go in, or wasting time and resources on mediocre initiatives.

Meanwhile, you’re struggling to attract and retain talent, and your customers consider you replaceable.

Charla helps organizations gain the clarity, confidence and capacity to execute bold strategies that create real social and environmental change. At the same time, you’ll be improving your long-term value and competitiveness.

She’ll help you discover where your organization is best positioned to meaningfully tackle social or environmental challenges, set strategic goals, understand your impact, and integrate impact into the core fabric of your organization.

So you can stop feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. You’ll gain confidence that you’re truly making an impact, while attracting investors, top talent, and loyal customers.

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