I help people deal with grief, counselling, coaching, community development, and consultation.

My business stands out because I offer 24-7 access to Facebook Group on grief. The products are courses on grief and healing that are uploaded. People can just purchase them and watch the video education with strategies to healing. There are also documents that people can print up to help with the exercises and create roadmaps to healing.
36 years of social work n.ever prepared me for losing 4 significant people in my life in 2020.
My life as I knew it was shattered.
I was amazed by how quickly I could turn things around by taking massive action.
I turned my mess into my message and that is when “Grief to Greatness” was born a series of workshops moving pain to peace.
By sharing my message I have gained over 3000 followers on my Facebook page “Grief after the Loss of a Loved One” Weekly, I provide sessions on various topics on grief.

On September 21, 2021, I received the Randy Palivoda award for Public Service. In 2017, the Somalian community presented me with an Oscar award for working in the area of Intercultural work and also safety. In 2009, I was the recipient of the Esquao awards from the Institute for Aboriginal Women for community development work.

I feel privileged to serve people to the highest potentials in living an exceptional life.

When we face challenges we become the students of life and when we learn the lessons we become the teachers. Sharing the wisdom from the lessons has made me stronger and more resilient. I am here to share with you my life experience merged with my professional skills and passion for helping people to be the best version of themselves.

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