Lori Frank Fine Artist

Lori Frank is a local independent fine artist that specializes in creating colourful, uplifting and unique paintings. Her works have been shown at City Hall, the Jubilee Auditorium and the Muttart Conservatory and she is most well known locally for her

The first thing that you’ll notice about Lori Frank’s art is how vivid it is. The Edmonton artist doesn’t just replicate the city’s well known landmarks in her arwork – such as the River Valley of Legistlature Grounds – she brings them to life on canvas with the intensity of a thousand blazing suns. Indeed, it may appear that someone just turned up the brightness on your screen tenfold, but Frank’s paintings have that effect, bringing a pop of colour to wherever they are displayed. If You’re looking to add some colourful unique art to your home, you can browse and order through her website www.lorifrank.ca. And if you have a specific spot in mind that Frank hasn’t painted you can also request custom artwork (a commission) depicting your special place in Edmonton or Canada. (excerpt from Edify magazine).

Lori has now painted over 60 paintings of Edmonton and its river valley and they are all available as prints (in paper or canvas) or greeting cards; and you can choose whatever size options will work within your budget. The paper prints and cards are perfect for gifts or virtual events as well. Lori Frank’s art has been featured in Edify magazine, Where magazine, Edmonton Prime Times, Edmonton Made gifted catalogue, The Edmonton Journal multiple times and she has been interviewed on tv by Dez Melenka for CTV, Bridget Ryan for City Tv, amongst other interviews including to help promote the annual Whyte Avenue art walk. She is super grateful for all of the amazing local support that she has received while dedicating the last 8 years to using Edmonton and its valley as her creative muse. She is also painting Canada and can’t wait to start her floral series too. Follow her on her journey on her Facebook page – Lori Frank Fine Art Studio or through her Instagram Lori Frank Fine Art

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