Lone Pine Distilling Inc.

Manufacturer of premium craft spirits with tasting room, tours, sales

We are very proud to introduce Lone Pine Distilling Inc’s line of premium craft spirits. All our products are proudly distilled in Edmonton, with predominately Alberta sourced ingredients: from grain to glass. We have established our presence in central Edmonton in a newly renovated building containing the distillery and premium cocktail bar. Our craft spirits include two vodkas and four distinctive gins with additional products in the works.

Our Gin Experiences:

Gateway Dry Gin uses thoughtfully balanced botanicals to craft a passage from the original London Dry to a new western standard– for enthusiasts and adventurers alike. We play on our location between Gateway Blvd and Calgary Trail to bring you our signature gin.

Earl Grey Gin is a highly-refined offshoot of our original Gateway Dry, vapour-infused with black tea and wild bergamot for the rich, full-bodied flavour of Earl Grey. We invite the gin connoisseur to savour the distinctive taste profile or try a new Earl Grey Martini!

Rocky Mountain Gin evokes the spirit of the Rockies through the fresh flavours of wild bergamot, mint and rosehips– all native to western Canada’s alpine region. Rocky Mountain Gin evokes those beautiful landscapes, tastes, and aromas we are so fortunate to be surrounded by. The Rocky Mountain inspired botanicals make this a true sipping gin, however it blends well with floral forward cocktails.

Barrel Aged Gin starts with the new Western standard, Gateway Dry and is rested in former Bourbon casks to mellow the profile adding notes of oak, vanilla toffee, and caramel. An exceptional sipping gin that also works with traditional whisky recipes in cocktails. 

Our Vodka Experiences:

Parkland Wheat Vodka honours Alberta’s farming roots, using a selection of premium wheats from around the Parkland region to produce a savoury and robust flavour. Carefully distilled through our twin distillation columns to give a very subtle warm butterscotch sensation.

Field Corn Vodka transforms the bounty of Alberta’s corn fields into a smooth and mellow spirit, with a subtle sweetness imparted by the kernels during distillation. Twenty times distilled and carbon filtered for a clean refreshing finish. Alberta Beverage Awards 2021 – Judges Selection.

The Lone Pine Experience: #SippingCulture

We welcome you into our Manufacturers Cocktail Bar to try a flight of our products; then relax with a refreshing cocktail based on your favourite spirit, created by one of our talented Mixologists / Brand Ambassadors.

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