LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic - Calgary Southwood

The ultra private gym for people with health concerns

Do you want to be more active…but don’t know where to start, or the gym intimidates you? Has your doctor ever told you that exercise can help you manage your weight/high blood pressure/diabetes/anxiety/etc.? Do you know someone who’s finding it difficult to start and stick to an exercise program? Trying to go it on your own can be overwhelming–we can help!
LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is the ultra-private gym for people with health concerns, or those needing support and supervision to exercise. We provide a safe environment and the expert guidance, accountability and community needed to be successful. Our members are adults of all ages, all stages of fitness, all shapes and sizes. Let us help guide you to success, so you can be well, age well, LIVE WELL and live your life to the fullest!

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