Linked Digital Services

Helping SME’s find more customers, maximize sales opportunities and profits in-store and online.

Linked Digital Services is a community-based and Indigenous Metis-owned organization. Our mission is to strengthen the local, Canadian, and Indigenous economies by collaborating with individuals, communities, and other organizations to promote their offerings, products, and services by assisting them in adopting industry-leading digital marketing strategies and tactics.

We are especially unique in that, in addition to providing support and strategy for popularized Western digital platforms, we assist businesses in recognizing the importance and helping them engage with Chinese communities domestically and to prospect into China.

When it comes to Chinese digital marketing most companies think of going straight to China, but with a population of 5.5 m people (1 m in Canada), China has a considerable presence and growing. Chinese customers in N.A. are a mostly unexplored market that businesses are eager to get into, however unsure how to go about it. Moreover, with over 900m MAU, brands/ organizations that do not have an online presence that reaches out to Chinese online users is missing out on unrealized potential: Missed Sales Opportunities, Profit.

We accomplish this by facilitating and designing Chinese omni-channel platforms and marketing them. Linked Digital Services has devised a strategy to make it easy for Chinese customers to shop at business locations in–store and online.
Working with Linked Digital Services Team, a business’ can answer a unique set of questions to optimize and tailor a digital marketing approach to a group of consumers:

• How do I grab attention online locally, in North America/ Canada and China?
• How do I convert attention into curiosity, and curiosity into action?
• How do I retain audience interest?

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