Hand-made, quality, ergonomic office and desk chairs that are customized and tailored specifically to the individual’s needs and desires while alleviating back pain.

Our innovative technologies allow us to create elegant office chairs that also reduce pain and discomfort.

The perfect ergonomic office chair adjusts to your body the moment you take a seat. Whether you have pain and discomfort or are simply looking for a beautiful high-quality chair, LIFEFORM® can provide both with truly made-for-you support and ultimate individual comfort.

LIFEFORM® Chairs is a Calgary based, family-run, fifth-generation company of furniture manufacturers. Every chair we create is a one-of-a-kind tailored specifically to the individual’s needs. Every aspect of our chairs is created to give you that “uniquely made for you” feel – because it was. It’s what makes the LIFEFORM® name the number one choice in ergonomic office chairs that are made to last. LIFEFORM®’s success is a result of the tradition of quality products and exceptional customer service. All of our major components are North American made and our products are handmade to order (never mass produced) in our Calgary factory.

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