Hotte Training & Consulting Inc.

Training & facilitation expert to help you and your company grow AND helping ‘would be’ entrepreneurs get started!

Kathryn’s passion and excitement comes through with every training program she designs and facilitates. Instead of making things complicated, she has mastered the task of making the difficult seem easy and the boring seem fun. Kathryn has developed her unique approach through an understanding of how adults learn and retain information so that the learning leads to results.

Training and Courses Offered through Hotte Training & Consulting:

ABC’s of Customer Service
Sell More, Make More
90 Min Team Building
Train the Trainer
Communicate in 90 Min
Communication Basics
Personality Dimensions (What Colour are you?) – Certified Trainer
Brainstorming, Strategy & Visioning
Behavioural Interviewing
Systematic Problem Solving
On-boarding & Orientation
Goal Setting & Managing Multiple Priorities
Youth Entrepreneurship; Teen Tycoon$
Starting your Own Business Series
So you want to be your own boss!
How to Network to Get Work
Marketing on a Budget

These are just some of the courses and training services available. We are always striving to create more and updated versions of these offerings to match the times that we live in. If there is something more specific you are looking for, contact us today and we can make it happen!

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