Hockey Wood North America

Exotic, hardwood handmade ice hockey sticks

Our Story

It all starts with a dream. At Hockey Wood North America, our dreams became a reality. Being huge fans of hockey, we wanted to create art out of our love for the sport. Originally, we were going to start with pucks using different types of softwood. Seeing different woods combined together and stained. The focus was shifted to use hardwood as a hockey stick (with patterns) and see how it would look – and use it as an art piece to hang it on a wall. The overall look would feel like a fine art piece, which we have not seen anything like that before.

We hope to open people’s eyes about sticks being fine art (sticks, goalie sticks) as these are Canadian and we want to bring them to a new level. We want to show people there is something great about hockey sticks; they’re so much more than playing with them, they are a work of art that you can display. Essentially, they are a sculpture.

To show something that stands out and was not just Canadian, we wanted to include the United States of America. Hockey is a Canadian game but it has grown throughout the past century. We wanted to cover all of North America, providing more options.

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