Gridworks Energy Group

Indigenous owned and operated solar electrical contractor

100% Indigenous owned and operated. Dedicated to offering customers the highest quality solar solution, our knowledgeable and highly experienced staff design and construct each solar PV system to the highest standard. We support our systems throughout their lifetime, ensuring maximum savings and peace of mind. Each of our systems is designed by Engineers and installed by certified Electricians from start to finish, ensuring a safe, reliable solar PV system that will produce free electrical energy for you for decades to come. We understand that everything about your property and business is unique and because of this, each system we design and construct is unique. We don’t just want to install your solar PV system for it to be safe, reliable and functional which, of course, is incredibly important. We want your system to look beautiful. We provide the whole package from the tedious paper work/permits required by your municipality or county to the grid-connection application process. We are not done until everything is approved and your system is turned on. We’re happy to help find a solution that works for you! We offer a 5-year labour warranty and full warranty of OEM products. Solar PV Modules have a typical warranty of 25 years or more Inverters have a typical warranty of 10 years or more up to 25 years for only a very small extra-warranty fee. We are fully covered with WCB We also carry $5,000,000 Liability coverage.
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