Good Things Vending

Owner and operator of vending machines at your location – provide your staff or customers access to delicious snacks, drinks, or anything that can be vended!

An Alberta owned and operated small business, Good Things Vending Inc. is excited to work with you to provide a custom vending solution for your location. We own, operate, and maintain the machines, so you don’t have to! Our primary service area includes the Edmonton region (Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Beaumont etc.) and communities along highway 43 up to and including Woodlands County. We could provide service outside our main area (anywhere in Alberta) for the right client. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We provide traditional vending (candy, pop, water, chips, candy bars, chocolate etc.) or can build a custom solution just for you. For example, we provide healthy vending options in gyms and schools and can source custom vending machines for niche applications – coffee and hot drinks, crane games, toys, vending your specific products, wall-mounted vending in washrooms etc. We can even source machines that meet various special standards such as LEED certification of buildings. Also available are special billing arrangements. For example, you could pay us for inventory and costs if you wanted the machines to vend items for free to your employees/customers.

Traditional vending machines can be deployed within days or weeks while custom options will depend on machine manufacture and delivery timelines. There is never any financial cost or obligation to you. We are properly incorporated and licensed to operate in multiple Alberta municipalities. Because we shoulder the costs of moving and installing machines, we may require a signed one-year minimum commitment to host machines at your location. After the one-year term, a minimum 60 days notice applies if you would like the machines removed. The machines remain our property, so you are not held responsible for theft, vandalism, acts of god etc. The agreement protects us from locations asking for a machine and then changing their mind shortly thereafter. Do you have commitment issues? We don’t judge! Signed commitments are not required for small machines that are easy to install – if you want them gone, we will pick them up within 30 days.

Examples of machines we either own already or can source for installation:
-Coin operated (25 cents/loonie/toonie) bulk vending of treats. These machines are usually on stands but can also sit on a countertop. They have a very low space footprint and no electricity requirement which makes these perfect almost anywhere.

-A variety of compact and full-sized snack-only, drink-only, or snack-drink combo machines. These larger machines require a power source and always accept coins. Bill, card, and smartphone payment options are also available. The space needed depends on the size of the machine that best fits your physical space/foot traffic. These machines are usually perfect for a location with a minimum of 50 employees and/or consistent foot traffic.

-Various toy machines. These usually dispense stuffed toys, capsules with toys, or stickers and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can either be coin-operated (no electricity required) or powered (i.e. full-sized crane challenges down to countertop love testers) and can accept bills, cards, and even smartphone payments depending on your needs.

-Wall-mounted vending machines are typically seen in high foot traffic washrooms and can dispense everyday essentials such as feminine hygiene products, paper tissues, perfume, gum, mints etc. These machines can also dispense spicy items such as condoms, personal lubricants, energy drink shots etc. Please note we are not licensed for these machines to provide alcoholic beverages, cannabis, or any controlled substances.

-Custom machines can be sourced to vend your specific product or meet your specific needs. If you are reading this far down, you are very special, and we want to give you lots of attention. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will try to come up with solutions just for you!

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