Go-Getter Resumes

Helping job seekers communicate their value to potential employers.

How, and when, did you actually learn how to write a resume? Have you ever? Likely you had some sort of instruction in the eighth grade. Could be you went to a college resume clinic 10-15 years ago. Or did you just recently interrogate Google about how to build a great resume? Unfortunately, none of those things are enough to make you stand out as the best candidate for the job.

What job-seekers need is current, personalized guidance and a professional perspective. That is where Go-Getter Resumes comes in. With a background in Human Resources and in-house recruitment, Go-Getter Resumes exists to help job seekers communicate their value to potential employers.

You know you have a lot to offer. I’ll help you tell your story.

Before starting Go-Getter Resumes, Gabrielle worked in Human Resources and as an in-house recruiter. She was the front-line resume screener and read countless resumes over the years. Working on filling positions in the construction and oil & gas industries, there were resumes for labourers, drivers, mechanics, administrative assistants, customer service representatives and everything in between. Gabrielle was the one to decide whether applicants got called or not, right off the bat. Many resumes that came in had poor formatting, poor spelling and grammar, lists upon boring lists of responsibilities. Ultimately, it was usually impossible to get an idea of what it would be like to actually work with the individual based on their resume. Despite the disaster that was most candidates’ resumes, they did hire people. It is evident that there is a communication gap between employer and candidate, and that job seekers need help communicating what exactly it is that they have to offer to potential employers.

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