Girls In Sport AB

Girls In Sport AB’s vision is to help grow girls’ confidence to be change makers and barrier breakers of the future through physical activity and sport

Girls In Sport AB will do this by providing strategies to increase girls confidence in their physical and mental ability through sport and physical activity while enjoying the benefit of staying active for life. Through local research and collaboration with other experts in the field Girls in Sport AB intends to increase girls participation in competitive, recreational and lifestyle sport.

We provide consulting services to local and provincial sports organizations to help increase and maintain girls participation in sports. We also have an established mentorship program that connects girls to athlete from across the globe. These athlete are from university, NCAA and Team Canada from various different sports.

Finally, this summer we will be offering a program for kids ages 10–12 called Konfident Kidz. In this 4-week virtual or in-person learning opportunity, facilitated by Alberta-based leaders in sport, recreation and education, will give participants:

– Fun and inclusive learning opportunities focused on creating greater physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being

– Amazing “Try it” sport opportunities to build foundational movement skills and encourage children to be active for life

– Innovative games and activities that show how external factors (i.e. peer groups, social media) directly effect how they see themselves along with tips, tools and strategies to build greater self-confidence and self-esteem

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