Garage Kombucha

Locally made artisanal kombucha.

Married couples make for strong business partners, especially when one’s a professional chemist and the other’s a registered dietitian! Putting their minds together they’ve concocted a best tasting kombucha packed with probiotics, organic acids and antioxidants that support a healthy gut and overall well-being.
Garage Kombucha’s delicious flavour and numerous health benefits result from a traditional fermentation process, similar to how champagne is produced. Brewed in Edmonton with science, art and love, we are dedicated to making our kombucha nutritious and reliably delicious, using selected, locally sourced simple ingredients, premium quality tea and sufficient fermentation time. The result is an exceptional, naturally carbonated product with subtle notes, a slight sweetness, delicate taste profile and soft acidity.
We strive to produce the most environmentally friendly kombucha on the market today by utilizing reusable glass bottles through a return bottle deposit system which is part of our foundation as a business and it has proven to be a success! We also offer our kombucha in cans, made of infinitely recyclable material.

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